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About ACCA

ACCA, the Asian Coin Certification Authority, established its first research lab in 2005 and formally became Asia’s largest coin certification center in 2008. It is headquartered in Taiwan’s Taipei City, and is Asia’s largest third party agency for coin appraisal and grading in sheer volume. As the number of appraisals from around the world increased year after year, its coin appraisal standard has received a high level of approval from coin collectors and international auctions. More and more coin collectors began choosing the truly professional ACCA.

In 2005, the ACCA Group, along with the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan and the Graduate School of Marine Engineering at NTOU National Taiwan Ocean University’s, embarked on a research project entitled “Coin Appraisal Research—Detecting Forged Coins Using Artificial Neural Networks”. Then in 2006 and 2007 respectively, it completed the 2 stages of a National Science Council research project: “Evaluating Forged Coins Using Artificial Neural Networks” and “Identifying Images of Forged Coins Using Artificial Neural Networks”. This brought about a truly professional coin appraisal system, breaking through the longstanding monotonic method of relying solely on human experience, truly ushering in scientific technology for coin appraisal techniques.

In 2009, the related research paper on the subject of coin appraisal received high praise from international academic forums. A well-known American international scientific periodical (SCI): Machine Vision and Application, gave it especially high accolades. Furthermore, in 2010 the ACCA accepted an invitation from the National Central Mint to discuss and analyze forged coin identification techniques, where its identification technology received praise and approval from national and international circles. Then in 2012, the ACCA accepted an invitation from China’s Beijing Numismatic Museum to participate in an academic exchange of appraisal techniques with the Taiwan Coin & Paper Money Certification Society and the Taipei City Coin Collectors Association, further affirming its position as the truly professional third party coin appraisal agency.

Currently, appraisal service provided by the ACCA cover modern coinage, milled coinage, silver ingots, ancient coinage, copper coins, bills from the four major Chinese banks, and first edition RMB’s. It maintains a fair, just and open appraisal process and is never involved in actual trading. Its team of appraisers and consultants comprise of domestic and international experts in various fields. In particular, its grading standard and consistency has gained approval from ANACS, PCGS and NGC, the three most prominent American institutions in the field. Without a question, ACCA is the best choice for raising the value of your collection.