Professional Sealed Packaging

ACCA’s innovative coin slabs use non-acidic, inert plastics. They have undergone rigorous testing and are shown to stop corrosive gas and moisture. They are also designed to prevent oxidation, withstand high temperatures, withstand collision, and keep out water/moisture.

For its sealed currency holders, ACCA uses world class, top grade anti-moisture packaging. Prior to sealing the paper bill, the specialized instruments at ACCA devotes 24 consecutive hours to gradually absorb the excess moisture within the bill’s paper fibers. The paper bill would obtain a less than 50% relative humidity, ensuring a longer lifespan for the sealed and packaged paper bill. This is the highest grade currency holder in the industry, and the new gold standard.

Finally, the highly secure laser anti-counterfeit label is the only data code, guaranteeing even greater safety for your paper bills and coins.