The Grading Procedure

Aside from these, ACCA provides appraisal and boxing services to all ancient Chinese coins and ancient foreign coins. Also, starting June of 2012 it formally accepts paper currency from around the world for grading.

Special Notice:

ACCA guarantees that all bills and coins received for appraisal and grading will undergo the appraisal and grading procedures established by the company.

If the client is a buyer of ACCA’s graded coin slab (must be an ACCA member) and feels that the coin has been over-graded or is forged altogether, then the buyer may choose to have it regraded, meaning that the coin will go through the entire operating procedure of inspection and appraisal (for authenticity and grading). Coins to be regrade this way must come with its original graded coin slab; naked coins do not qualify for this policy.

If, through the process of regrading, the coin is deemed to be of lower grade than the stated in the coin’s original appraisal, if aspects of the coin are mislabeled, or if the coin is forged, then this company will compensate a portion of the coin’s current market value (within limits; please refer to compensation standards), but will not refund the original appraisal fee, postage, and so on. In applying for this policy, it is understood that this company (ACCA) is the sole determiner of the coin’s current market value, and that the current market value is defined to be the price that coin dealers will most likely offer for a particular coin. This guarantee may also apply to mutated coins (malformed coins: defects from coin mints). If the description of attributes are inaccurate due to clerical mistakes, then this policy does not apply.

If you feel that the coin in your possession is over-graded, misattributed, or forged, you may ask the ACCA customer service department to help you fill the appropriate item submission form. A response to your regrading request will be made within two weeks. If, after ACCA’s inspection, the coin is found to be over-graded, misattributed, or forged, you will be notified by phone or e-mail and compensated as per the coin’s current market value (within compensation limits; please refer to compensation standards). But if the original evaluation is found to be valid upon reappraisal, then aside from having your coin returned (with the original grading), you will still have to pay the postage fees, insurance fees, and the reappraisal fee.

Item Submission Standard Procedure:

  • Fill out the ACCA 3-ply form.
  • Submit the coin in person, at ACCA or one of its dealers, or send it through registered mail.
  • When ACCA receives the order, it will contact the sender to verify the order.
  • Currently, for a coin to go through the appraisal process and be slabbed and sealed, it takes about 4 weeks of working days.
  • When the order is complete, the sender will be notified for pickup and payment.

Professional Instruments:

This appraisal center uses government grade inspection facilities to record and analyze the coins to be examined, and to provide an objective conclusion. Its level of professionalism far surpasses the various major appraisal agencies in Asia and around the world.

* USA’s Olympus material analyzer
* Gemstone analysis grade electronic microscope
* Electronic measuring system
* German made Model CB603 electronic scale
* Epson V30 scanner
* Nikon D750 variable focus camera
* ACCA Coin Print Recognition Software, Version 2.0